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Drastically Improve your performance during an interview.
Going on an interview? Here are the Top 10 things you must do first:

1. Obtain the name, title, correct spelling and PRONUNCIATION
for all interviewers.
This information will come in handy when you mail or email your interview thank you letters.

2. Know the job position for which you are interviewing.
Review relevant duties and responsibilities. Be sure to ask about short and long term goals for the position during your interview. 


3. Know the best route to take to get there.
Figure out the best route to take before your interview to avoid being late. You should arrive no more or no later than 15 minutes before your interview. Find out where you should check-in  when you arrive and don't forget to bring your I.D. - many office buildings have new security measures in place and may require picture identification.

4. Secure interview schedule and agenda
Secure all information in advance, if possible. Be sure to confirm the time, location, and contact person at least 24 hours in advance. To be safe, take down the name of the person you are going to interview with as well as their assistant or HR contact. This also shows your level of interest and concern.

5. Do Your Research 
Check the company’s website for information, look on LinkedIn,  research the industry and know the company's main competitors. The more you know about the company the better you will interview.  Also, by researching the company you will be able to ascertain the professional benefits, stability and growth potential of that company and what that means to you. Be prepared to answer the question "Why do you want to work here?

6. Practice
Have "prove it" answers ready.  Practice linking soft skills (work traits) to some answers. Begin to recall major achievements.
Memorize your resume. Interviewers will ask you questions based on information provided in your resume. **A good technique is to bring a portfolio of accomplishments with you, perhaps in a folder or binder that you can share with your interviewer.

7. Prepare to Ask Questions
You should always have at least three questions prepared. One of the questions should recap the key responsibilities of the position. **Never walk away from an interview without
asking questions.

8. Collect and have handy information for completing an application,
Including full addresses and phone numbers of employers and schools. Never fill out an application without reading through it first you don't want the application to look messy due to changes.

9. Pack for the interview (briefcase or folder)
Bring a briefcase, folder, at least 4 resume copies, reference list, pens,note pad, tissues, mints, application information, certificates of training and any items you were asked to bring.

10. Dress conservatively and practice good grooming.
Avoid loud colors, shine your shoes, wear business attire, light scents and smile. 


Always remember that a resume is a sales call, you are there to present your skills and achievements You are interviewing the company just as much as the company is interviewing you. is here to help, call us for our mock interviews 800.409.8979.


GOOD LUCK! If you are an existing client please call us and let us know how your interview went. If you would like to do a mock interview just let us know. Mock interviews are for existing clients ONLY.

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