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Military Resume Mistakes To Avoid
Drastically improve the quality of your career marketing document.
Interviewing questions and tips.
  1. Your resume is your first impression. When you apply for a job, it all boils down to a sheet of paper. Thoroughly review your resume and avoid typos, grammatical errors, misspelled words or inappropriate use of words or terms. Know your industry. Know the buzz words. Put them on your resume but be prepared to explain them.
  2. Your resume should be easy to follow and read. Avoid using non-traditional formats. Hard to understand formats do not impress busy recruiters. This is not the time to show off your creativity. Acceptable formats are chronological, functional, and achievement based
  3. Your resume should be focused and concise. Avoid using a confusing objective or profile. Keep in mind, your resume is a marketing document and recruiters view at least 40% more resumes today than they did just five years ago thanks to technology.
  4. Your resume should be succinct and to the point - Limit your resume to two pages, the second page should have more than page full of real content.
  5. Your resume must be easy to read, avoid using small font, 10.5 - 12pt is acceptable.
  6. Your resume should be truthful - Avoid misrepresentation of your education - employers may be able to terminate your employment should they learn you mis-represented your credentials. Since 9/11 employers have intensified their background checks. Your education will definitely be confirmed, some companies are even checking your credit and driving record. Also, an employer can verify your responsibilities when they check your references. Don't risk being black listed. Just be honest.
  7. This is a business document - Avoid using pictures, graphics, listing url addresses and non- traditional bullets.
  8. Avoid leaving out dates, company names, and position titles - it may appear misleading.
  9. Avoid using long paragraphs and wordy statements.
  10. Avoid the fluff. Use real content with measurable achievements. Recruiters look for relevant resumes. Those packed with alot of fluff are just a waste of time and are often overlooked.
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Country Best Resume
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