We offer on-site and remote outplacement assistance to help your employees deal with difficult change caused by mergers, acquisitions or downsizing.

Please call our office at 800.409.8979 FREE to speak with an outplacement specialist.

Why Choose Outplacement Services?

Our outplacement will prove to be an essential branding tool that provides many positive results:

  •   Protects your company’s brand & reputation
  •   Shows you care about your employees
  •   Will boost the rehiring chances of your laid-off employees
  •   Will help mitigate the risk of litigation for your company
  •   Comprehensive and flexible package options
  •   High touch service, guiding your laid-off employees every step of the way
  •   Affordable, timely and effective resume writing
  •   Flexible options for all levels of staff

Our packages include:

  •   Executive Resume Writing For All Levels (C-level, Mid, Entry)
  •   Tailored Job Search Coaching
  •   Job Search Assistance
  •   Customized Job Search Tools Development
  •   30-Day Transition Support

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