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How to Ace Any Interview
Don't Stress Out! Tips to Reduce Stress and Drastically Improve your performance during an interview.
Interviewing questions and tips.


10 Tips that reduces stress and increases your chances of being hired

10 Tips that reduces stress and increases your chances of being hired

Tip 1 - Calm Down - Although the interview is important, your overall health is more. Interviewing is a mutual process. You are interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you.

Tip 2 - Always Bring Samples of Your Work - If you don't have any start calling your old job and get them. Always keep at least one ally at your job, you never know when you will need something. Before you leave a job, create a portfolio and make copies of your work but omit confidential business information.


Tip 3 - Do the Research - Know what you are getting yourself into, this may not be the company you want to spend 40+ hours a week with for a year.

Tip 4 - Fix Yourself Up and Smile! - First impressions are made in 30-seconds or less, don't miss an opportunity just because you got up late or did not neatly present yourself. Employers are looking for people who are organized, if you can't organize yourself, then how can you organize a project? Arrive 10-15 minutes early, smile at everyone - show you have manners.

Tip 5 - Cultivate Your References - Prior to giving the names and contact information of people who you would like to say a kind word about you, make sure you ask them and drop a line or e-mail every once in a while, cultivate your references, you need them!

Tip 6 - Get a Group of Mentors - Ask people to be your mentor, you should have a mentoring group, 1-2 people who can mentor you, 1-2 people who are on your level so that you can learn and swap ideas from each other and 1-2 people you can mentor.

Tip 7 - Use the Right Paper - Always present a fresh copy of your rйsumй on proper rйsumй paper (minimum have two copies). D

o not use colors other than Ivory or White. You will stick out if you use blue, pink, orange, etc., but most likely it will not be in the manner that is beneficial. (Weyco Group, Inc.)

Tip 8 - Always have questions to ask - Never leave an interview without asking at least 3 questions.

Tip 9 - Practice Interviewing - If you are a client call us and we will gladly do a mock interview with you.

Tip 10 - Send a thank you letter within 24-Hours - Always thank the interviewer for taking the time out to meet with you.

We provide free resume workshops to community based, educational and professional network organizations around the country call us and let us know how we can help your organization.

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Interview Tips and Questions
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