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Job Outlook: According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the job outlook for law enforcement officers is excellent from 2006 to 2016 with a projected growth of nearly 100,000.

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Many of the jobs are abroad - Contract Positions **** Arizona Department of Corrections **** Arkansas Department of Corrections **** California Department of Corrections **** Colorado Department of Corrections **** Connecticut Department of Corrections **** Delaware Department of Corrections **** Florida Department of Corrections **** Georgia Department of Corrections **** Idaho Department of Corrections **** Iowa Department of Corrections **** Ilinois Department of Corrections **** Indiana Department of Corrections **** Kansas Department of Corrections **** Kentucky Department of Corrections **** Louisiana Department of Corrections **** Maine Department of Corrections **** Maryland Department of Corrections **** Massachusetts Department of Corrections *** Michigan Department of Corrections *** Minnesota Department of Corrections *** Mississippi Department of Corrections *** Missoouri Department of Corrections ** Correctional Jobs - Nebraska - All Levels *** Correctional Jobs - Nevada ** Correctional Jobs - New Hampshire *** Correctional Jobs - New Jersey *** Correctional Jobs - New York - All Levels ** Correctional Jobs - North Dakota - All Levels * Correctional Jobs - Ohio - All Levels *** Correctional Jobs - Oklahoma - All Levels *** Correctional Jos - Oregon - All Levels ** Correctional Jobs - Pennsylvania - All Levels
*** Correctional Jobs - Puerto Rico - All Levels ** Correctional Jobs - Rhode Island - All Levels ** Correctional Jobs - South Carolina - All Levels
** Correctional Jobs - South Dakota - All Levels *** Correctional Jobs - Tennesee - All Levels
*** Correctional Jobs - Texas - All Levels *** Correctional Jobs - Utah - All Levels **** Correctional Jobs - Vermont - All Levels * Correctional Jobs - Virginia - All Levels * Correctional Jobs - Washington - All Levels *** Correctional Jobs - Washington DC - All Levels **** Correctional Jobs - Wisconsin - All Levels ** Correctional Jobs - Wyoming - All Levels
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"My 15 years of experience looks very impressive, I can’t believe I am a Sr. Executive, I guess it is how you look at it and boy do I look good on paper... thanks to TCB!"
- R. Santiago, Border Protection, FL


"Wow! I do look great on paper. As a  Police Officer for 25 years I was not sure what to write. I am retiring and really needed to show all that I have accomplished. You guys did a good job. I will definitely refer you."

F. Kilpatrick, Lieutenant, NYC

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