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"Thank you so much, Just wanted to let you know of some feedback I received to my "AWESOME" resume  from directors who were extremely impressed with one saying stating "unlike any other I have seen."

 -Felice, Teacher, New York


"Truly your services have been God sent. I was ready to give up on the process until I worked with you and found a kind person who remained professional and dedicated to helping me."
-Amanda, Healthcare Professional, California


"My resume looks great and I received 4 interviews within only 3 weeks! Thank you."
-Tim, V.P. Finance, New Jersey


"I can not believe it! I have the perfect job as the result of your resume, I submitted it at a job fair, thanks to the keywords in my resume, a database stored it and when a new position was created I got the job. I now make $18,000 more than I did last year. Thanks TCB"
-Alice, Health Benefits Executive, New York


"I thought my resume looked good until I saw what you created for me it is amazing, you are truly a blessing."
-Dawn, Communications Executive, New York


"I had no idea my resume and cover letter could look so good, it ranked among the top 5 out of 2,000¬ resumes submitted at our annual career expo... thanks!"
-Vaaron, Hospitality, Georgia


"Wow! That is all I can say" I look GOOOOOOD on paper. You truly know what you are doing. I feel inspired. I will never forget you"
-T. Bowens, Database Manager, TN


"I knew from the moment I spoke to you over the phone, that I had made the right decision. And now, with three offers to choose from, I have been proven right. A good resume truly opens doors. I am glad my brother referred me to you. Thanks for all of your help."
-J. Daly, Law Enforcement, Alaska


" I am excited about moving to America and thanks to my new resume, I am sure to find a new job"
-B. Wood, Marketing, London, England


¬ "I placed my resume on the Internet on a Friday and by Tuesday I had three offers for an Interview. Before using your service I sent out more than 100 resumes but received only one call for an interview and it wasn't even for the job I wanted. Now, I have a new job that I love, earn more money, I have to give it up to Tawana, she is a dynamite writer."
-Tiffany, Non-Profit Executive, New York


"I got it! I got the interview and was just offered the position. They loved my resume. Thank you so much for all of your hard work."
- F. Padavin, Hawaii


"I am retiring in three months and future has never looked brighter. I got the interview and think I will get the contract too, thanks to the great proposal, bio and resume you created for me."
-Sergeant D. Bush, NYC Police Department


"Your workshop was amazing! I learned a lot about personal marketing. You are an incredible woman with a big heart. God Bless you."
-Lt. F. Davis, Baltimore Police Department


"Guess what?!? I got the business loan. I loved the executive bio you created for me. After 25 years in business you tend to forget about the great accomplishments you make, thanks for all of your hard work."
-J. McGill, CEO, Texas


¬ "AMAZING! I am thrilled with my new resume. I feel much more confident. Tawana, girl, if you ever need anything, please let me know. If you ever come to Canada, I am taking you out to dinner. Your resume helped change my life. I know you are going to say that is was me, but girl, you are very good with highlighting achievements and directing attention. You will always be in my prayers."
-A. Abbott, Canada


¬ "My resume is amazing! Truly amazing! You guys were¬ so¬ caring and thoroughly knowledgeable. It has been difficult because I never needed a resume before. Tawana, God Bless you! I really mean that. I am glad that I found someone who not only believed in me but showcased my talents in a way that now others believe in me...thank you"
-T. Walcott, Director of Development, Washington, D.C,

"My resume looks fantastic! You did a great job! I should have done this sooner"
C. Franklin, Pharmaceutical Sales Executive, Colorado


"My husband used your services about a month ago, I want my resume to look like his. His is awesome and I think he may accept an offer. "
- M. Hansen, Sales Executive,¬ Nashville, TN


"Girl, I just started my new job today. I hope we can still work together. You gave me the encouragement I needed.¬ I was a little depressed but you reminded of the person I had forgotten. I am talented, I do deserve more and the fact that I was laid off was out of my control. You have no idea how much your words of encouragement has helped.¬ I never thought someone I never met could impact my life, especially a New Yorker! LOL. God Bless you Tawana. You will always be my resume writer and friend."
- P. Sirekus, Sr. VP of Operations, Bellevue, WA¬


"They offered me the job, just like you said. I am finally in the management position that I wanted. The person who interviewed me was blown away by my resume. Where have you been all of my life? I just had to call you to say thank you and great job!"
-A. Jones, Maryland


"Thank you, just talking with you over the phone helped me significantly. People always say that I put myself down, guess I never realized. This was a great process, I learned more about myself than I ever expected and I made a wonderful new friend. Thank you Tanya, Cleon and Tawana, you were all great!"
-A. Demicco, Ohio


"This is the first time I applied for a job in America, my cv was very long and outdated. I like the format of the resume you created for me. Thanks, I would have never come up with it on my own."
-S. Pallivuthucal, India


"I am currently working in Japan and did not think I would be able to find such a service. But I searched on the Internet and I found a forwarding thinking company."
Thanks from Alvin in¬ Tokyo

Country Best Resume
Country Best Resume
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